Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Irish Heritage Park in Wexford

The Irish National Heritage Park in Wexford is currently undergoing some major restoration and development work but it is very much open for business and a fantastic spot to take visitors, tourists and also kids on a day out, specially if you are lucky to get some rays of sunshine.

After a quick visit to Cahore Point and Curracloe, we went to spend the Monday Bank Holiday there with friends visiting from Galicia. It gave them a chance to learn a bit more about Ireland and its history; they just loved it; and left wondering why Galicia doesn't have any Heritage parks like this ...

Having worked in Archaeology in a previous life and dug many of them, I have a soft spot for the fulatch fiadh (cooking pit), which was turned on for a live demonstration during the Wexford Food Festival but unfortunately had to miss since it clashed with college work.

One of the girls had a soft spot for Viking artefacts so she was thrilled with the Viking boatyard.
On the way back home, we stopped to buy some Wexford strawberries to celebrate the brilliant day.

I love this picture I took with the retrocamera Android app