Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Yoga retreat in Thailand

My friend Gina will be resident yoga teacher at this amazing looking place in Thailand called Koh Ra Ecolodge.

If you are planning your next holiday have a look at the website.

The ecolodge is a sustainable resort located on a remote island with very little development (so far!).

You will be helping to save the rainforest if you book the yoga retreat through Gina's website, as part of the procceds will be donated to the World Land Trust

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Hook Lighthouse in Co. Wexford

Chilling in Mullaghmore... literally

There is a sign at Mullaghmore beach in Co. Sligo warning beach goers, swimmers, etc... this year there will be no life guards, since a herd of cows has taken ownership of the strand...

Surreal as it may sound, there is no wonder only the cows venture around the shores of Mullaghmore these days, since we've had yet another miserable wet, wet summer. Fair play to them. No forecast is going to spoil their fun...

Despite the rain, Mullaghmore Point is a brilliant spot for a relaxing weekend. Beware though: as soon as a ray of sunshine comes through the murky skies, a batallion of canooeists, sailing beginners, walkers and, yes, cars... will pop up instantly, only to disappear again as the torrential rain comes back. So no wonder the cows reclaim their space, at least while they can or the rainy season lasts...

Thanks to the cheap and cheerful SuperValu Hotel breaks, it is actually possible to stay at one of the hotels bang on the harbour without breaking the piggy bank. The hotel has amazing views over the bay but shocking dinner options ... Beef, salmon or chicken as main course option for a resto by the harbour is just not on! Ah well, it was just too good to be true.
Beautiful Sligo.